Upcoming Events

29 August: Intermediate Zoom Gasshuku

This Gasshuku is for all senior grades up to senior Black Belt. It’s done in one morning (SA time) of training, starting at 09h30 and finishing at 13h00 with a 30 minute break in-between. 

About the Gasshuku

Everyone will experience the Gasshuku differently, but general benefits are that a lot more details are provided regarding the ‘What’, ‘How’ and Why of Okinawan Goju Ryu fundamentals. 

Objectives for this Gasshuku are:

  • To look deeper at some fundamental aspects of the Goju Ryu Karate system not regularly or intensively dealt with during normal classes 
  • To focus on the understanding of the main elements of our system for your own personal future progress and development. 

We will peruse a Hojo Undo aspect, so have a Chi’shi on hand!

Replays of Sessions for the Americas and Canada:

As previously, we will do replays of both sessions at 17h00 South Africa local time on the same day (29 August) for mainly the Americas, Caribbean and Canada, but anybody is welcome to have another go!

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How do I Register?

Complete the registration form below or email to bakkieslau@me.com for information.

Surname, First name
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Note that we will, again, have Replays for different time zones covering from Western Times to Far Eastern Times for both these events!

18 & 19 September: Cape Senior Regional Gasshuku: Senior Brown, Black Belts only, Instructor Workshop. Details soon!

30 & 31 October: NATIONAL BLACK BELT GASSHUKU: Note that we will have exclusive sessions for senior grade groupings at this event for Yondan+ Godan+ and Rokudan+. Details soon!