SAGA Online Gasshuku!

With the Corona lockdown in March 2020, SAGA realised that technology was the obvious short term way to keep going. An alien concept for traditionalists, as Traditional Karate is between Teacher and Student in a personal environment in a Dojo, but extraordinary circumstances called for extraordinary methods!

A positive of the online option is there is no limit on who can take part and eventually members from 20 countries participated – from USA to Europe, UAE, India, Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore!

Replays of the sessions were done to accommodate members from 9 different time zones.

A Short YouTube Clip on the Gasshuku


In August 2019, a SAGA contingent attended the 40 Year commemoration of the founding of the IOGKF in 1979.


The annual SAGA Black Belt Gasshuku was held in Honbu Dojo on 1 – 2 November 2019. This event is only for Nidan and higher members where higher level input is provided. At the conclusion of the Gasshuku, senior Dan gradings were conducted which saw two new SAGA Godans – Chris Keet and Deon Claassen, plus Sam Ekandjo from Namibia, as well as eight new Yondans and four new Sandans!