Welcome to the South African Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate Association (SAGA) website. Since 1966, we have been teaching exclusively traditional classical Okinawan Goju Ryu karate, in our many Dojos country wide. We do offer awith a minimal sport compliment for the sake of our younger members, but our core business is Karate for it's original objectives of survuval in a civilian environment.

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2016 Saw a SAGA group attending the IOGKF International Budosai in NAHA, Okinawa. This event is held every four years an 1200 plus members attended this unique event, lead by Higaonna Sensei. Special guests included Aragaki Sensei (Chosen Miyagi Sensei's last living student!), the famous Kanazawa Sensei and an old friend, Shotokan icon, Terry O'Neill.  It was a memorable occasion for SAGA when the following long standing members received very senior grades:

Sensei Danie Steenkamp received his 8th Dan and Senseis Francis Monyatso, Fernando Goncalves and Gawie du Bois were awarded 7th Dan! The fruit of years of loyalty, dedication and commitment!

The SAGA Contingent with the senior teachers

New Nandans: Senseis Fernando, Francis, Gawie, Sensei Bakkies and Hachidan:Sensei Danie!

Sensei Danie 8th Dan!                                        Sensei Aragaki - Miyagi Sensei's last living student!

Karate Legend Kanazawa Sensei and eldest son                            Sensei Bakkies and Terry O'Neill,

friends since 1969 & two WUKO World Championships!

The 'Bakkies 50' Commemmoration Event - 1 - 3 May

This event proofed to be everything it promised to be with senior Goju Ryu household names such as Sensei George Andrews 8th Dan, IOGKF Chief Instructor Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura and other 7th Dans Senseis Danie Steenkamp, Luis Nunes, Katsuya Yamashiro, Vincent February, Chris Larkens in attendance! Truly an event that will be remembered by the participants from 14 countries for time to come!

The event kicked of with a Welcome Party at Koelenhof Wine cellar and it was the time to meet new aquantances and catch up with old ones! The highlight of the evening was a performance by the youngest son of Sensei Bakkies - Basson Laubscher and his Violent Free Peace Band!

Then follwed three days of traditional gasshuku training focussing on the various key elements of Goju Ryu, starting with senior group training in the mornings followed by Higaonna Sensei with instructors rotating to the various groups. Juniors were accommodated separately from the adult groups and taught exclusively by Higaonna Sensei, Bakkies Sensei, Nakamura and Yamashiro Senseis.

One of the unique features of the event was the fact that every group trained every day with Higaonna Sensei, Bakkies Sensei and Nakamura Sensei!

The Senior Group of 7th Dan and higher with Higaonna Sensei

The three day event concluded with the Traditional Sayonara Party at the scenic Bilton wine estate. Sensei Bakkies was presented with a wrist watch by Higaonna sensei as well as a genuine handcrafted folding knife!

NATIONAL The week of Wednesday 6 to 8 February saw the 24th Annual IOGKF South Africa Instructors Gasshuku in Honbu Dojo. This exclusive event is for Instructors, assistant Instructors and senior members of 4th Dan and higher only and the motto is 'Teaching the Teachers' The focus was on fighting and covered the main components, progressing from Kihon, positioning, moving/shifting, Kamae, Miai, Zanshin, strategy and touching on 'Mushin'!




Godan Group



Rokudan, Nanadan Group


UPCOMING NATIONAL AND LOCAL EVENTS REGIONAL CAPE REGION Cape Regional Senior Kyu Grade Gasshuku - 8 March, Honbu Dojo.






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